ComcastDreamSmallTo quote one of my favorite movies, Comcast really is “the gift that keeps on giving year round”.

Comcast is universally known as having the worst customer service in any business in any part of the world. Whether it is outright lying to their own customers, calling their own customers vile names on their bills or cashing rent checks from poor Comcast customers, Comcast struggles to finish anywhere but bottom of every customer satisfaction survey.

Today, we have yet another example of Comcast pissing off a city due to their incompetence.

In Columbia County, Georgia, construction crews have been busy for months relocating utilities on a $40 million expansion of a major road. Unfortunately, the project has fallen six months behind schedule, frustrating just about everyone involved in the project. The frustration comes from the fact that despite the land being fully cleared, gas lines moved, power lines moved and water lines moved, the project still can’t move forward because

Tim Magill, the project manager for E.R. Snell, a road and bridges contractor based in the Atlanta area, said … the main obstacle to starting work on grading the highway is Comcast and WOW! relocating broadband cables. He said that unlike gas, power and water companies in the area, the two Internet providers have (made) the project’s expected completion date of April 30, 2017, a “tall order.” –

Then there is the fact that this delay is causing actual damage to citizens living near the project.

Many of the residents found the possibility of a delay to be unsettling, particularly because the three-year project has already caused stormwater to damage residential sewer lines because of faulty silt fences.–

Not to worry though as Comcast and WOW! officials made it clear to local residents and government officials that they would make this issue a top priority. Just kidding, nobody from either company bothered showing up to the last city meeting in which this topic was discussed.