ComcastCallImportantMemeIf you didn’t know, Washington is dealing with the largest wildfire in their state’s history. This has left hundreds of thousands without power.  At last count, more than 300,000 were without power Saturday across Western Washington.

Although it would seem like a very obvious thing to do, a Comcast spokesman would not tell KIRO-TV in Seattle whether they had decided “whether the company would offer refunds for the outages.”

Maybe this should surprise but let’s consider some previous actions that cable providers have had with customers that are dealing with emergency situations:

  • In the past, Comcast tried charging tornado victims a “vacation fee” of roughly $20 a month due to their equipment being destroyed in the disaster.
  • AT&T demanded forest fire victims immediately pay $300 for a lost cable box.
  • CableOne told apartment fire victims “they’d been hurt too” when demanding their monthly payment.
  • Charter reps have told tornado victims they needed to “look around the neighborhood” for their cable boxes or pay $212 immediately.
  • HughesNet demanded the immediate return of gear burned in Austin wild fires.