FrontierComplaintsThe last time we checked in on Frontier, they were continuing to demand that the government get out of their lives. Except, when it comes to the FCC handing them millions of dollars for expansion projects. Then the government is fantastic. But even with the federal government handing them millions, their service continues to be downright atrocious.

For example, in Towanda, PA, the chairman of county commissioners is now attacking Frontier because he continues receiving complaints from residents about how much they hate their Frontier service.

“I get call after call after call (from Bradford County residents) about poor Internet service (from Frontier Communications). We paid for high-speed Internet (from Frontier), but we get terrible service.” – Doug McLinko, chairman of the Bradford County commissioners

I mean, how bad could it be though? Maybe all the residents are simply complaining to complain.

“Two weeks ago, it took an Ulster businessman, who uses Frontier Internet, a total of an hour to send out three invoices over the Internet.” – TheDailyReview

“Bradford County Maintenance Director Kim Corbett said that when he reported an outage on his home telephone service to Frontier, he was told by the company that they would schedule an appointment to fix it in 20 days.” – TheDailyReview

When confronted with these complaints, Frontier responded by claiming that they had not yet upgraded its equipment in some areas of Bradford County to accommodate the high amount of internet bandwidth that households are using at times today.

I have not seen an answer by Frontier as to whether they plan to “upgrade” equipment in every other city that they service.