ACALogoThe American Cable Association (ACA) can’t seem to make up their mind as to whether FCC involvement is a good or bad thing.

On one hand, if you want all web-sites to load at the same speed or want bills to be much more straight-forward? According to the President of the ACA, you are an “advocate (for) government intervention“. You see, according to the ACA:

“The federal government is all too slow to recognize competition, too quick to impose regulation, and too dismissive of the harm to consumers and innovation caused by too much meddling in the marketplace.” – Matthew Berry, President of ACA

So, STAY OUT and let us do our OWN THING! Oh, except when it comes to something that they want.

ACA, in a letter to the FCC, has asked the agency to prohibit TV networks from “blocking or disincentivizing” their affiliates from signing retrans contracts with out-of-market cable operators, particularly involving traditionally viewed stations.” – Multichannel

In fact, the ACA wants the FCC to go “beyond” removing rules that prevent cable operators from importing out-of-market TV stations. The ACA also wants the FCC to “block the networks from … disrupting the market.”

Translation: Stay out government! Except when we want new rules put in place. Then you need to form new “regulations” and rules that block others and help us. Go Government Intervention!