VodafoneRedLogoWireless providers lying in advertisements is not unusual. It’s quite common. But something about this Vodafone story is just another example of a large telecom simply doing whatever they want when advertising to consumers.

In the UK, an advertising watchdog group is calling out Vodafone for their repeated claims at being “unbeatable at connecting calls”. The only issue is that there is nothing that actually substantiates the claim outside of a study that Vodafone itself performed.

As Britain’s communications regulator noted in a report, Vodafone’s own study was an outright joke. Vodafone specifically picked a few small spots throughout the country and went with the results. Vodafone didn’t include most of the country and purposefully avoided their weak spots.

VodafoneMemeStarTrekIn fact, Vodafone didn’t even try to put up much of a fight when called out for the ad. Vodafone simply accepted the Government’s request to take the ad down for good. This assures the public that every single telecommunications company will purposefully lie in future ads….and why not? It isn’t as if anything will happen to that company once they are caught.