VodafoneRedLogoThe joys of being a major telecom provider are abundant: Little taxes, minor over-sight and large profits.

Today in Ireland, we have Vodafone agreeing to make charitable contribution in order to “avoid a criminal conviction.” How nice.

The conviction came from Vodafone refusing to hand over data to an industry watchdog group, even after Vodafone got an extension for handing over the data. To make matters worse, Vodafone first tried handing over irrelevant data that the watchdog reported as “unusable”. A court soon called Vodafone out for simply ignoring future requests for the data.

Why didn’t Vodafone just hand it over? Because the data was being used by the watchdog group to show how little competition exists in their market. Vodafone has since claimed that because they were purchasing another company, things must have just gotten lost in the shuffle.

Vodafone has yet to respond how their initial and irrelevant data handover didn’t get lost in the shuffle but future requests for the actual data did get lost.