FrontierCommunications sucksFrontier Communications can’t seem to make up their mind about whether they love or hate the big, bad federal government. On one hand, they can’t stand when cities/states get fed up with Frontier’s atrocious service and begin the process of starting their own broadband network. Get the government out of our lives!

On the other hand, they just love accepting money from the federal government and many state governments:

  • “Frontier Communications says that the company has accepted $283 million in rural deployment broadband subsidies from the Federal Government. In a news release, Frontier says that the money, which is coming via the FCC’s Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II, will be used to deliver broadband to an additional 650,000 high-cost rural locations throughout its 28-state service area.” – 06/16/2015
  • “Frontier Communications’ ongoing commitment to deploying broadband services to rural America will accelerate with the acceptance of $71.9 million from the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Connect America Fund (CAF).” – 07/09/2012
  • According to officials in Volusia County, Florida, in 2014, Frontier received nearly $420,000 in tax refunds through Florida’s Qualified Targeted Industry program.
  • “Back in March the state (of West Virginia) buried a study on their spending of the stimulus money (which they spent $118,000 for) that leaked anyway, highlighting how Frontier Communications did a sloppy job in tracking spending, may have overbilled taxpayers substantially, and only built a mish mash of geographically scattered fiber upgrades that the majority of state residents won’t benefit from in the slightest. – 11/25/2013

So, after recently accepting $283 million from the federal government, one would think that Frontier would be open to allowing others the ability to lease any of their unused fiber. Again, leasing UNUSED FIBER. Nobody is asking Frontier to hand over used fiber lines that are going to current Frontier customers. But not Frontier…

As Eric Eyre writes in the Charleston Gazette-Mail, Frontier is demanding that the West Virginia Public Service Commission deny Citynet the ability to lease their unused fiber because Frontier is not required to lease fiber to competitors. Additionally, Frontier claims that if they are forced to give Citynet the ability to lease the unused fiber, that would “chill network investment” in the future.

Essentially, Frontier wants to accept federal money that is used to lay down fiber that goes unused. If anyone wants to use that fiber? Tough shit. Frontier faces little to no competition anyway so why allow the residents the ability to get actual reliable service at an affordable rate?

FrontierComplaintsWhen a West Virginia judge recently told Frontier that it is recommended that they give Citynet a fiber route map (so they know what areas have unused fiber), Frontier claimed that the maps included “highly confidential information.” Huh? The fiber that taxpayers paid for is now deemed confidential? Since when?

Let’s remember that Frontier is the same company who convinced the state of West Virginia to buy ridiculously overpriced, overpowered and unused routers, and ridiculously overpaid, redundant consultants who haven’t actually accomplished anything. Meanwhile, West Virginia Frontier users at DSLReports forums continue to show how very often, they’re unable to get even 1 Mbps from the company.