Last week, Washington State regulators agreed to a settlement with CenturyLink that required CenturyLink to pay a fine of more than $2.8 million for a 911 outage. Specifically, the fine stems an outage in April of 2014 in which CenturyLink customers with land lines and Internet-based telephones were unable to reach 911 for several hours.

This comes after years of additional 911 outages for CenturyLink customers in the State of Washington. With quarterly revenues close to $5B, this will be another light slap on the hand for a company that has no actual incentive to upgrade their own emergency system.

Then again, this shouldn’t surprise many people who pay attention to CenturyLink’s history with 911 outages. They have had past issues in San Juan, Ohio, North Carolina, South Dakota, Oregon, New Jersey and Arizona.