BlueRidgeCommIt is 2015 and yet we still have Internet Service Providers that continue to slam customers without absurd data caps. Data caps that have absolutely nothing to do with “network congestion” and everything to do with making millions more off consumers paying overages.

Today, we have an ISP in Pennsylvania named Blue Ridge Communications who serves more than 170,000 homes and 700,000 individuals. Starting recently, they decided to force onto customers a 24-hour data cap that allows customers to use “between 150 and 700 gigabytes per month, depending on the consumer’s plan.” If a customer goes over, they are charged $10 per month for each 50 GB that the user goes over the cap.

Not only that, Blue Ridge has decided to make their data caps as confusing as possible for their customers. Previously, Blue Ridge only counted the data used by a customer after 5pm. Now, it is counted at all times.


Except, Blue Ridge isn’t actually telling customers about this change. As expected, some customers are now receiving bills that are close to $50 more per month.

“Everything from downloads to YouTube, Netflix and even online gaming count against their new 24-hour cap,” said Milford resident John Ferry III, who said his latest bill was about $46 over previous charges.“They are telling people they have doubled the cap, but this is not true. By removing the off-peak time, which was essentially a free period, there is no math that makes it double,” Ferry said. – PoconoRecord

One would think that Blue Ridge would be out in the open about this new change in policy. Instead, reps for the telecom are refusing to comment.

Data caps on fixed-line networks are a sign of an uncompetitive market. In fact, ISP’s spent years telling us that usage caps were mandatory for network congestion. Now, the same ISP’s are quietly admitting that usage caps are, and always have been, about milking consumers out of as much money as possible.