ComcastCallImportantMemeWhen Comcast tried and failed to merge with Time Warner Cable, many people pointed out how terrible of a match these two companies would be from a customer service standpoint. But that hasn’t stopped Comcast from continuing to publicly state how much they want to improve their customer service.

So, let’s see how Comcast is doing on improving their image.

In a recent 3 On Your Side story in Philadelphia, a woman claims to have received thousands of calls from Comcast demanding payment for an overdue bill. Only problem is she paid it years ago.

“It’s the Comcast people harassing you for something you don’t owe.” Elder says she asked the Comcast callers to stop, but the calls kept coming. She says, “I’d say like seven, eight times a day, sometimes more than that.” According to Elder the calls were related to a Comcast bill that was paid off years ago and those calls to her cell phone were adding up. – Philadelphia.CBSLocal

As the report notes, Comcast wouldn’t comment on this story other than to lay blame on the third-party collectors.