TVEverywhereCNNLoginA recent report by Adobe Digital states that while TV everywhere viewing is still rising, its growth rate continues to struggle. In fact, the growth rate is actually declining. The decline is attributed to continued confusion and difficulties with authentication.

The report showed that there’s possibly some “friction in the process of setting up TV Everywhere or figuring out which device you want to use might be starting to cause a slowdown,” Tamara Gaffney, principal analyst for ADI, said in the report. “We think generally the demand is there, but we may have reached a tipping point where to get to the next level it needs to be simpler to sign in.” – Multichannel

Meanwhile, what happens what there is no authorization process?

For online viewing of TV-over-the-Internet sites, which do not require authentication, mobile accounted for 21% of viewing — a rise of 35% for smartphones and tablets combined, the report found. – Multichannel

Even though the cable industry has tried to push “TV Everywhere” to existing customers, it has so far failed in popularity. One survey showed that 82% of consumers had no idea what TV Everywhere entailed while just just 4% of cable consumers know their login information which is mandatory to access TV Everywhere. As late as last year, data showed that less than half of the top 15 multichannel TV subscribers offered TV Everywhere services.