Recently, AT&T quietly eliminated the option for U-verse TV Everywhere customers the ability to download content to their mobile device for offline viewing. Instead, customers are forced to stream all their TV Everywhere content over an Internet connection.


For one, it continues to be an absurdly complicated and expensive process to get content companies to allow for offline viewing. But considering just how many deals AT&T continues to make with content providers on a daily basis, it seems unlikely this was somehow a large impediment.

Let’s ask Quickplay’s Michael Couture. Quickplay manages AT&T’s TV Everywhere services on third-party devices including iPhones, Android phones and Xboxes.

Couture, Quickplay’s SVP of product management … noted that the move could net AT&T more data revenues from those customers who opt to stream their TV Everywhere content over AT&T’s wireless network. – FierceCable

Which should surprise no one since AT&T makes billions from customers going over their data caps.

DataCapOveragesATTIn the past, AT&T has a rich history of doing everything possible to remove unlimited data customers off their plans and onto the more expensive data capped plans. Just check out all the tricks that AT&T has pulled on customers to get them onto data capped plans:

  • Jailbreak your phone? Off unlimited
  • Tether unofficially? Off unlimited
  • Use unsanctioned mobile hotspot apps? Off unlimited
  • Seem to be a heavy user? Off unlimited
  • Want to use data monitoring tools? Off unlimited
  • Used AT&T’s phone insurance/warranty plans? Off unlimited
  • Want to use Facetime? Off unlimited
  • Are you breathing? AT&T will gladly kick you off unlimited without telling you!