ComcastDreamSmallLogoWhether it is outright lying to their own customers, calling their own customers vile names on their bills or cashing rent checks from poor customers, Comcast continues to struggle with customer service issues. If Comcast goes several days without a significant customer issue or horror story, it is seen as a success.

Today, we have another Comcast story with a slight but different twist. As WNEM reported, after a rain storm hit Grand Blanc, MI, last week, a man noticed that cable lines were “dangling throughout his backyard”. Considering he has children that play in his backyard, he wanted to get this issue resolved quickly. So, he called Comcast and asked them to fix it…..and called again….and called again….and even scheduled an appointment to have them remove it and nobody came.

“I just want them (Comcast) to come out here and fix it. I am sick of getting the run around from Comcast – I just want it fixed.” – Tim Markanovich, Homeowner, WNEM

What makes this story a bit different is usually when a local news station gets involved, they make a phone call and the issue magically gets fixed. In this case, Comcast actually refused to talk to the local news station.

TV5 called Comcast and asked the tough questions. But after being on hold for hours, we were told they could not and would not speak to us. – WNEM

Now, after the TV story aired and it got more attention, Michelle Gilbert, the vice president of public relations for Comcast, called WNEM and got the situation fixed. According to Gilbert, the lines were not Comcast but they fixed the situation anyway. Let’s set aside my skepticism as to whether Comcast is telling the truth about the cable lines belonging to someone else.

ComcastCallImportantMemeWho cares? Nobody would fault Comcast for possibly having some lines dangling after a rain storm. The guy in this story had no issue with the lines being there the next day or two. What makes this a story is how the guy spent more than a week trying to get a single Comcast employee to come out to his house to access the situation. It’s a story that a news station called Comcast and was on hold for hours before they refused comment.

The fact that this goes over Comcast’s head is likely why they struggle so much with customer issues.