ComcastMonopolyAs we have discussed on many occassions, Comcast customer service is abysmal. In the past, we have seen Comcast employees leave in the middle of installing equipment, argue with consumers about basic installations, disconnect customers of other service providers and sexually assault potential customers.

But in Jacksonville, one Comcast customer allegedly (he denies it, btw) took his complaint a bit too far.

As News4Jax reports, Reed Oxley, a 72-year-old man was arrested in March 2014 after complaining to Comcast about $742 that was taken from his bank account. After months of phone calls and getting no help from Comcast, he went over to the local Comcast building to confront them in person about this massive charge. Once at the building Oxley says that he was “being ignored by a clerk”.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office report:

Oxley then wrote this on a piece of paper and handed it to the clerk: “I’m giving you 30 more days from 03/15/14 to return my $742.52, or you will suffer serious consequences.”…and according to (the) police report, the clerk said Oxley told her, “I’m building a bomb” and, “You know that I am prior military. I’m serious; I’m going to blow you guys up.” – News4Jax

Oxley says he never mentioned any bomb and meant legal consequences in the note. The case is scheduled to go to trial in several weeks. Oxley said he still has not gotten his money back from Comcast.

This isn’t the first time that Comcast has been threatened with a bomb. In Virginia last year, a man was so upset at his Comcast service that he told a Comcast employee over the phone that he “didn’t have any recourse except putting a truck bomb through the —— cable office.”

CustomersMadYellingWhat is up with people threatening to bomb cable companies?

  • In Nebraska, one woman was so mad that her Time Warner Cable installer was late….so she threatened to blow up their business building.
  • In Maine, one man was so mad at Charter’s internet service that he threatened to blow up their business building.
  • In New York, one man was so mad that his Cablevision service was not working that he threatened to bomb the office building.
  • In Florida, one man simply wanted a local cable company to give him extortion money or else he would set off the many bombs that he claimed to have planted inside the companies office.