During the last few months, Verizon has sent out countless PR pieces discussing their wireless upgrades at sports stadiums around the country. We have seen statements from Verizon about their upgrades at Sun Life Stadium (Miami Dolphins), NFG Stadium (Houston Texans), M&T Bank Stadium (Baltimore Ravens) and many professional and college stadiums.

One reason for the upgrades continues to be the massive struggle that wireless customers have at big sporting events. Even with the advancement of 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi, most customers are unable to do anything of substance on their devices at a major event. A year ago, I was unable to check my email while on Verizon’s “upgraded” network while attending an NFL football game.

As the Gainesville Sun notes, even after the most recent upgrades, not much has changed. Verizon spent the last few months talking up their XLTE service and how Verizon customers would now be able to use substantial amounts of data during University of Florida football games.

How did the service do?

  • “It’s terrible,” said Rebecca Gould, a third-year University of Florida student studying dietetics. “I can’t send any texts or use the internet, and if I try to it drains my battery.”
  • “I’m lucky if I’m able to send and receive messages, snaps, etcetera,” said Matthew Rhon, a fourth-year aerospace engineering student. “Otherwise, it fails to send or sends way later than I intended it to.”

Not to worry though as Verizon has a solution.

(Verizon) said the customers should be noticing improvement in service by now but that the changes may take some time to take hold. – Gainesville Sun

Essentially….just wait…at some point it will work….right?

Several weeks ago, SBNation wrote an article in which they asked several college sports writers to describe the Wi-Fi in their stadiums. Let’s see how they responded:

  • “I have Verizon on an iPhone 5s, and it’s absolutely terrible.”
  • “Pretty much always dog vomit.”
  • A packed 70k in the stadium makes checking scores close to impossible.”
  • “Not good.”