Verizon must really hate the state of New Jersey.

As we have discussed previously, Verizon was given almost $13 billion by taxpayers of New Jersey in return for having the entire state wired for broadband by 2010, a plan called “Opportunity New Jersey.”

Verizon not only failed to wire a majority of the state, state regulators recently allowed Verizon to wiggle out of the deal by claiming that Verizon’s wireless speeds were sufficient. Meaning, Verizon was let off the hook.

Then Verizon decided to fight New Jersey on the amount of money that they pay in state and local taxes. Setting aside the fact that Verizon already pays nothing in taxes around the country, Verizon believes that even though they took billions in state and federal tax breaks to install and keep copper lines, they should be allowed to pay LESS due to the fact that copper lines now make up less than 51% of their business in the state of New Jersey. The case is still pending.


Now? Verizon is struggling with state wide internet outages. All state access to the internet was down earlier this week. The outage got so bad that New Jersey State Police began to communicate using a separate, network-to-network service for emergency communication.

If only Verizon got more tax breaks…then they could fix all of these issues!