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Whether it is outright lying to customers about the price of service, calling their customers vile names on their bills, cashing rent checks from poor customers or leaving wires hanging around non-customer yards for weeks at a time, Comcast seems hell bent on making sure that they consistently win the Most Hated Company award.

But maybe there are some people out there who still believe that Comcast as a whole is a misunderstood company that is trying their best. How can Comcast alienate them? How about we have Comcast fire a recent veteran suffering from panic attacks.

Yes, just several months after Comcast awarded Army veteran Blake Inman for “outstanding sales work”, Comcast fired Inman. Why? Because Inman had the audacity of having panic attacks.

Inman has a service dog, a German Shepherd named Freedom, that senses oncoming panic attacks in time to allow him to take medication. On March 4, 2014, Inman submitted a request, supported by a doctor’s certification, to bring the dog to work as an accommodation. Two days later, (Comcast) flew Inman and a guest to California for a vacation awarded in recognition of outstanding sales work. The next day, company representatives summoned him to a conference room at the hotel where he was staying and “aggressively interrogated him about why he brought Freedom on the award vacation.” – OregonLive

He was fired several weeks later. As the attorney for Inman told an Oregon newspaper, Inman had no disciplinary incidents on his record while working at Comcast since 2011. The only disagreement with Comcast stemmed from him asking to bring his service dog while traveling.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Comcast was accused of treating our veterans in such a bad way.

And just last month in California, Comcast fired 10-year employee and Navy veteran, Will Goodo. “Goodo’s offense,” the CWA reports, “was testifying before the Oakland City Council and at a workers’ rights forum last December about Comcast’s unrelenting assault on workers in the Oakland system who wanted a union voice.” – ReclaimTheMedia

Yup. Seems like Comcast has a great chance of continuing their run of Most Hated Companies titles.