When Time Warner Cable, AT&T and CenturyLink got nervous about competition entering the state of North Carolina, they spent years lobbying (and eventually getting it passed) in support of a bill that all but made it impossible for others to enter their markets in the name of “promoting fairness.”

Today, we see another example why so many in North Carolina were begging and pleading city officials to offer broadband/cable competition in their regions. Over the last few months, AT&T customers in multiple parts of the state have been dealing with numerous outages or service disruptions, causing over 100,000 customers to be without cell phone, internet and home phone service. In fact, the last AT&T outage in North Carolina cut off services to 90,000 customers alone.

Not to worry though as AT&T is now promising customers in North Carolina that 2016 will be different! Or, at least…they think so. In a letter written to state officials and customers, AT&T claims that they are now making changes… the end of 2016.

Great. Does AT&T plan on letting customers out of their contracts during 2016? Doubtful.

AT&T Letter