A family in San Antonio was surprised recently when they came home and found an AT&T worker inside their home. The only problem was that the family didn’t have or order AT&T service.

They first found the employee in the alley between the neighbors house and their own house. To be fair, this alone isn’t that crazy as my old house had to have the cable installer between my house and my neighbors house.

But here is where it gets weird.

The man says he walked up to the employee in the alley. The worker told him he was installing Uverse for the next door neighbor, but they weren’t home. About 45 minutes later, the homeowner says he heard his wife screaming after finding that same employee standing in their living room, where their two-year-old daughter was sleeping in a chair.” – KHOU

In fact, as the family noted, the employee didn’t randomly stumble in to the house….he was three rooms in and didn’t bother to ring the doorbell. Even creepier, when the installer was confronted by neighbors about this incident, he claimed that he was just confused and that he had been at the other persons home before…..except he hadn’t.

He’s never been to our home,” the homeowner said.

Seems legitimately creepy. No doubt AT&T apologized to the family. Right?

The family says they tried to call AT&T to get answers, but no luck.”