Comcast has good news for everyone: They are going to fix their customer service issues!

In a recent story on TribLive, Christine Whitaker, Comcast’s new senior vice president for the Keystone Region (1.3 million customers in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland) claims that Comcast has a fantastic multi-year plan that is going to reinvent the customer service experience at Comcast.

Trib: Comcast has been criticized in high-profile incidents for poor customer service. How will you improve perceptions?

Whitaker: We know we have opportunity. But this is going to be a multi-year plan that we are going to reinvent the customer service experience. We’ve already invested hundreds of millions of dollars nationally in tools and technology, training and hiring. We’re doing this to make sure we’re always on time for customer appointments and making sure we make a good impression. 

What exactly is the plan? Well, we aren’t sure….Comcast isn’t specifically telling the public about all of these secret changes. We simply get the lines about new hirings and training.

Wait, haven’t we heard this before from Comcast?


Didn’t Comcast’s CEO claim that their customer service reputation would be transformed earlier this year? If so, Comcast must be transforming into an even worse company as the last few weeks have seen Comcast force a customer into credit hell even though she paid her bills, seen Comcast pay a fine for accidentally publishing customer information and seen Comcast claim data caps aren’t actually data caps?

Didn’t we also hear a Comcast CEO claim in 2014 that customers would be “at the center of every decision we make“? This was said after numerous Comcast customers went on YouTube and posted their horror stories of dealing with Comcast reps.

Didn’t Comcast’s CEO also tell the media in 2013 that the massive criticism over their atrocious customer service was valid and that they were “working really hard to fix” it?


In 2012, Patrick O’Hare, Senior Vice President of Field Operations at Comcast wrote a blog post talking about all the improvements that Comcast was making towards their service.

The Comcast network spans hundreds of thousands of miles … Keeping all of the HFC that runs from our facilities to our customers’ homes in top working condition is a 24×7 job … We’ve made significant investments in our network over the last several years. This includes engineers in more than a dozen operations centers who proactively monitor network and service performance around the clock.

Unfortunately, nobody else got this memo as Comcast customers around the country dealt with major and consistent network issues in 2012. Anyone remember the New Jersey man in 2012 who was told that his outages would be resolved in….two years?

In 2011, Comcast’s Jenni Moyer, senior director of corporate communications, admitted that Comcast was taking new, drastic action to fix their customer service since they didn’t take it seriously until 2007.

“About four years ago, we were watching the conversations that were happening online but we weren’t necessarily participating in those conversations,” Moyer said. “For example, if we saw somebody posted something about their experience, if we could identify them easily we would try to reach out to them by phone or by email.” – FierceCable

Fast forward to 2015 and Comcast still sucks.