Today, in Dayton, Ohio, Time Warner Cable was apologizing to local customers about a service outage that affected enough residents that local news stations began to report on the issue. According to a Time Warner Cable (TWC) spokesman, they didn’t know the cause of the outage, wouldn’t tell us how many customers were affected or when service would be restored to all customers.

But those in Dayton aren’t alone.

Today, TMC customers across North Carolina and South Carolina, were suffering from their own significant outages.

At 8:08 p.m., a (Time Warner Cable) message said, “Customers in the Carolina’s (sic) sorry for the delay, we are still working on the internet issues. The TV should be back up and working.” – Charlotte Observer

Over the past month, thousands of TWC customers in Los Angeles and Palm Springs who experienced their own outage. Specifically, more than 16,000 TWC customers in Louisville, KY had outage issues. TWC customers in Wisconsin were also affected by outages. Add Cincinnati customers to this list.

TWC customers in Buffalo, New York dealt with an outage that started during the Buffalo Bills NFL game.

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But these nationwide outages are nothing new for Time Warner Cable. In April of this year, TWC was dealing with yet another outage affecting customers in a variety of cities around the country.

As Kotaku noted at the time, TWC’s outage map was rather depressing to look (red means outage issues):


Then there was the city-wide outage of service in September of 2015 for TWC customers in Kansas City.

The list goes on and on and on for just 2015. If I talked about TWC outage issues in 2014, I think WordPress would need to give my site a lot more space.

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