CenturyLink customers in Hermosa, Colorado have had no phone/internet for three days and counting. When they have called CenturyLink, they get the same response:

According to a recorded message, CenturyLink identified a damaged cable that is affecting service, which is hampering customer’s ability to make and receive phone calls. The recording goes on to say CenturyLink’s technicians are “working on it,” and they hope to respond to the issue “as quickly as possible.” – Durango Herald

Surely the media will get some sort of response from CenturyLink?

No CenturyLink representatives were available for comment Sunday, and customer-service employees requested The Durango Herald call back Monday. – Durango Herald

Any chance CenturyLink tells anyone how far the outage has spread?

It’s unclear how widespread the outage is. – Durango Herald

CenturyLink seems to be having a lot of these phone/internet issues.

  • In Iowa, residents and businesses of CenturyLink went almost a week without any service. Much like this current problem, those in Iowa got zero answers from CenturyLink. Other Iowa CenturyLink customers went WEEKS without any service.
  • In Illinois just several months ago, multiple police stations were hit with major CenturyLink outages. Again, CenturyLink “did not give a timeline as to when the service would be restored” and didn’t tell anyone how many people were actually affected.
  • In Ohio, business didn’t have CenturyLink service for several weeks. As one CenturyLink customer told a local newspaper, “Nobody would tell you the truth about it.”
  • In Wyoming, CenturyLink customers were left without service for weeks and then promised credit for just the “majority of the time.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, CenturyLink then took money out of these affected customers accounts rather than crediting them. Opps.

Notice a trend?