I am not sure much else needs to be said other than the way in which this thief decided to go about stealing a wireless router at a Walmart:

The employee said the female subject removed the anti-theft device from a wireless router box and then put the router in a white plastic Walmart shopping bag. He also saw the man remove another router from the box, take off the anti-theft device and put the router inside the front of his pants, the chief said. – Patch

Wireless routers seem to be a popular choice by shoplifters.

Several weeks ago, a woman in South Carolina stole several items (including a wireless router) from a local Walmart and proceeded to lead the police on a car chase before being shot. Several weeks before that in Pennsylvania, several men decided that the best way to steal wireless routers from a Walmart was by putting the routers in between pillows in their shopping cart.

Others have tried simply running with unpaid routers or hiding the routers inside their jackets. Others continue trying to steal items such as wireless routers even after getting caught almost 20 previous times.


Best Buy has a different policy with shoplifters. As one employee found out after the employee tackled someone trying to shoplift, Best Buy rewards employees by….firing them.