Time Warner Cable (TWC) seems intent on chasing down Comcast as the worst company in America. When TWC isn’t dealing with numerous service outages around the country, receiving criticism for trying to financially screw over small cities or paying huge salaries to executives while slashing thousands of lower-tier jobs, TWC is currently trying to piss off all residents of one city, whether the residents subscribe to TWC service or not.

In Dallas, Time Warner Cable has confirmed that they are going to demolish “one of the oldest surviving Victorian homes” in/around Dallas, Texas. In fact, the building was built by a man who is known to have built the “first apartments in Dallas”. It must be for an important TWC building, right? Nah, just a parking lot.

But Time Warner Cable must have given everyone advance notice of the teardown, right?

The demolition company hired by Time Warner to raze the house still has not applied for a permit. – Dallas Morning News

In fact, the Dallas City Attorney’s Office was forced to send a code enforcement officer to put a bright orange stop work order on the building’s front window that warned of a $2,000-per-day fine for for any “construction-related” activities performed without a permit.


Surely TWC is approaching this situation in a professional manner….

A cable-company worker parked in the street out front Friday around 5 p.m. suggested getting in those last looks now before it comes down. – Dallas News

To be fair to TWC, over the last few years the building has been used as a halfway house and rehab clinic, resulting in the building losing sight appeal by neighbors. Still, some local residents pointed out to the Dallas Morning News that the building was still one of the very few that showed up on a city map from 1892.

Hope the parking lot is worth it.