Yesterday, AT&T officially announced what we already knew several days ago: AT&T was bringing back their unlimited data plan for those with DirecTV or U-verse TV service. In AT&T’s statement, they wanted everyone to know that those on this new plan could now be “data rich” and “take advantage…of (AT&T’s) TV and wireless services.”

Sounds great. Except, let’s look at the small print…..

If not eligible, AT&T will move you to 10 GB plan (Overage $15/GB) or may move to your old plan (restrictions apply). After 22GB of data usage on a line in a bill cycle, for the rest of the cycle AT&T may slow data speeds on that line during periods of network congestion. –

So, the unlimited data plan is anything but unlimited.

22GB’s is in fact a large amount of data. But, as we have seen in the last year, new technology is allowing customers to eat GB’s of data in short amounts of time. Therefore, it really isn’t that crazy to assume that more and more customers will hit this data cap in the near future.


AT&T knows this and made sure to make their data cap at a number that allows AT&T to make additional money off those customers thinking that they could actually use their unlimited data plan. Considering the FCC recently fined AT&T $100 million for lying to customers about their throttling practice, it shouldn’t shock people that AT&T made many millions off of overages.

Oh, and about that “network congestion”…..AT&T has claimed this before….only to then admit down the road that they outright lied to customers just so that AT&T could charge customers more per month.