Dating back to 2003, the Internal Revenue Service has scored higher in “customer satisfaction” polls than local cable companies. Just last year, we found out that cable/broadband customers continued to sink to record low scores.

So, maybe I shouldn’t be that shocked when I saw the latest customer satisfaction polls released last week. Guess what? People still despise their cable/broadband providers.

According to the online poll (by TVFreedom) in late December of 2,047 adults found that:

  • 50% of Americans believe pay-TV providers are greedy and make the TV experience unaffordable.
  • Set-top box fees continue to be too high
  • 25% said they had an unsatisfactory customer service experience.
  • 92% believe that during an outtage, the provider should provide some kind of rebate on the monthly bill.”

Is it any wonder why cord-cutting continues to increase at a record rate every year?