When it comes to government handouts money, Verizon wants every last dollar. They want every dollar even if it means that Verizon has no intention of ever completing their part of a deal.

  • When the federal government gave Verizon billions and billions in tax breaks in order to persuade Verizon to continue hiring in the United States, Verizon took all of the money…..and then hired few, if anyone.
  • When New York City gave Verizon billions in tax breaks and subsidies to expand FiOS across the city by 2014, Verizon took it all and then proceeded to expand their service to barely even half the city. Oh, and Verizon has no plans on covering the other half.
  • When both the State of New Jersey and Pennsylvania gave Verizon billions in tax breaks to wire both states, Verizon accepted all of the money and…you guessed it, barely covered half of either state….if that.

But lately, cities in these states (and others) have slowly began to apply public pressure on Verizon to expand their FiOS service. Why should these cities pay Verizon billions in taxpayer money to expand FiOS service when Verizon isn’t actually expanding FiOS service? Why isn’t the State of Pennsylvania asking for money back when Verizon contractually promised to install “fiber optic cables to every home” yet failed to reach even 50% of the homes in the state.

For example, in the city of Boston (New York, not Massachusetts), city leaders have been demanding Verizon expand FiOS service to city residents. What was the response from Verizon? Apparently, because the city wouldn’t be a “money-maker” for Verizon, FiOS service would not be coming, according to a city leader who acted as a liaison between the town and the company.


Although some will claim that this is what all businesses do, Verizon is not a normal business. Verizon is being given many billions by both the federal government and a number of state governments to update and expand FiOS service.

So, we continue handing over billions and billions to a company that continues cherry-picking the areas of service to only the wealthiest few. Any chance the federal government or state governments can cherry-pick which payments they give to Verizon?