There is a reason that AT&T finishes near last in most customer service/satisfaction rankings. As I have written about in the past, AT&T horror stories continue to appear on a daily basis.

We have seen AT&T charge grandparents $25,000 for a $51 bill, lie to customers about whether charges will actually be removed from their monthly bills, bill customers for e-mail address that they don’t want and refuse to close customer’s phone accounts for absolutely no reason.

Enter Dave Lieber, a reporter for the Dallas-Morning News that writes for their Watchdog section. In the past, he has written stories detailing just how tired he was of reading and writing about horror stories involving AT&T.


Just last week, he wrote about a readers interaction with AT&T and dubbed it “one of the worst AT&T customer service stories I’ve heard in a decade of collecting these anecdotes”. Therefore, Lieber is launching a #shameATT campaign on Twitter. In fact, he has already collected a number of new AT&T horror stories from his readers.

Sadly, AT&T will continue to put customer service on the back-burner. Why invest more money into something that benefits customers when those same customers are forced to use AT&T service due to a lack of choices or a ridiculously long carrier/provider contract.