As this site has noted on a number of different occasions, AT&T can’t seem to figure out whether the business industry is slowing down or accelerating.

When AT&T was fighting off the possibility of net neutrality rules last year, AT&T repeatedly claimed that such rules would cause AT&T to stop investing in cities across the country. When AT&T tried to purchase T-Mobile in 2011, AT&T told everyone that their investment numbers would decline unless they were able to complete this merger.

In reality, AT&T has continued to spend record-breaking amounts of money after both the failed T-Mobile merger and the implementation of net neutrality rules. Whether it was AT&T spending close to $50 billion to purchase DirecTV or AT&T spending additional billions in the latest spectrum auction.

Basically, whenever AT&T wants to stop something they don’t like or purchase another company, their spending is heading downwards. But whenever they want to promote their own company? Well, AT&T is out-spending everyone else!

Thankfully, it seems more in the media are realizing that AT&T keeps contradicting itself:

“Through late 2014 and well into 2015, AT&T heralded capex (capital expenditures) declines….But times have changed….AT&T has already projected total capex spending for this year at roughly $22 billion, or about a billion dollars higher than its 2015 total. AT&T has also proudly touted its spending plans, boasting that it will invest nearly $10 billion of the total $22 billion budget in 2016 on enhancements for business services, much of which will go toward network expansion.Look, Ma! We’re spending on infrastructure!” – Light Reading

AT&T is even promoting their increased spending in Mexico.