When a telecommunications company continues to be called out by numerous cities/states for offering simply atrocious service, one would think that the CEO of the company would realize that major upgrades were mandatory.

But not at Frontier. According to Frontier CEO, Dan McCarthy, all of those complaints about reliable service are not their fault, it is the customers fault:

“If you look at that many of the perceived speed issues in a home are purely due to a neighbor on the same Wi-Fi channel, which can cut your throughput by 50 percent. – FierceTelecom

McCarthy then went on to claim that Frontier would continue expanding their service….with no timetable for anything.

But the idea that even the slightest number of complaints about Frontier could be fixed by a new or updated router is yet another shining example of Frontier’s intentional ignorance. Frontier is a telecommunications company that spend billions that they don’t financially have to purchase aging assets (such as landlines) from AT&T and Verizon. Even though the company is therefore loaded with unbearable debt, Frontier continues to just purchase, purchase and purchase some more.

After Frontier bought $2 billion worth of assets from AT&T across the northeast part of the US, the State of Connecticut received so many complaints about Frontier’s service, they were forced to investigate and fine Frontier for the company’s lack of reliable service. When the State of Connecticut brought Frontier in front of a state hearing, Frontier “declined to talk about specific complaints related to the changeover from AT&T” except to note that “almost all of the complaints filed by consumers in the area had already been resolved.” When asked to give specifics about these finished complaints, Frontier declined to provide that information.


After Frontier purchased Verizon assets for roughly $8.6 billion, anyone want to guess how that transition went?

Frontier Communications has been rather ungracefully trying to offload or otherwise scare away the 100,000 FiOS TV customers it acquired in its deal with Verizon, first with a huge 50% price hike and botched DirecTV offer, and now with a massive $500 installation fee to frighten off new customers…Oregon regulators feel they were lied to, Portland’s Metropolitan Area Communications Commission (MACC) accusing Frontier of having this plan all along, going so far as last week urging consumers to go sign up with Comcast. For Frontier’s part, their strategy in dealing with the criticism so far has been to lie about the fact they’re clearly exiting the TV business, and now to ignore both MACC and media requests entirely in the hopes it all goes away.” – DSLReports

Meanwhile, Frontier continues to lose money and subscribers.