Not even two years ago, the city of Louisville begged and pleaded with AT&T to upgrade the broadband infrastructure of the city. The city was told by AT&T that “Kentucky is not part of the (AT&T)’s plan to upgrade broadband services”. According to AT&T officials, the telecom giant just didn’t have the money for the upgrades.

(Hood Harris, President of AT&T Kentucky) said although he’d like to invest more in Kentucky, he doesn’t believe his parent company will provide funds to his division for that type of capital improvements. – Louisville Business Journal, 2014

But, just the other day, AT&T seemed to suddenly change its mind. As WDRB reported yesterday, AT&T is now telling some Louisville neighborhoods that they will be able to receive AT&T’s fiber service (GigaPower) in the next few months.

Woah, Woah….wait a minute, what happened? What caused AT&T to magically find the funds to start massive construction projects across the city?

Screenshot 2016-03-04 13.21.27

Ah. So that is why AT&T is suddenly upgrading services across the city. Isn’t competition great?