As I have written about a number of different times, AT&T loves issuing PR piece after PR piece detailing how one building in one city is officially “fiber ready“. Although AT&T does their best to act as if that entire city is about to have access to the fiber service, AT&T has no plans of ever truly expanding such a service to large parts of that city. AT&T does it so that they can publicly act as if they are keeping pace with Google Fiber’s growing expansion.

In the cities of San Antonio (TX) and Gaston (NC), people are still trying to figure out how their citiesĀ  were deemed fiber ready by AT&T yet nobody can actually purchase their 1 Gbps service.

So, I am not sure whether to laugh or not at AT&T’s recent announcement (per FierceTelecom) that there are “confirmed plans” that it “may extend” its fiber service. In fact, as AT&T CFO John Stephens told investors during a fourth quarter earnings call, there is a “likelihood” of even MORE expansion in the future!

Where? When? How? Well, AT&T never went into such silly details. Not to worry though as AT&T will be sure to throw a big party the second that AT&T deems a single house in a significantly wealthy area of one city to be “fiber ready”.