In the past, we have seen a number of ridiculous arguments against municipal broadband.

  • Cox Communications tried to tell residents of Tempe, AZ, that having municipal broadband would put local residents at risk of injury! How? They never explained that part.
  • Cox Communications told residents in Louisiana that municipal broadband was a terrible idea because then the government would restrict which days you could watch TV and use the internet!
  • Mediacom told residents of Emmetsburg, Iowa, that municipal broadband wasn’t necessary because Mediacom already offered 1 Gbps speeds. Except, Mediacom didn’t even offer anything close to 1 Gbps in Emmetsburg. Opps.
  • Frontier has told a number of different cities that having municipal broadband is a terrible idea because the government is not someone to take money from! Except, Frontier takes billions from the federal and states government every year.
  • Comcast told residents in Illinois that having a municipal broadband network would allow for tax money to be used to provide porn to local residents.

But recently, I saw a brand new reason to oppose municipal broadband.

In Tennessee, a number of state and local officials are trying to pass legislation that would expand broadband access across the state. Bill HB1303 would allow public utilities to provide Internet service outside their local city footprint. When some state officials expressed reluctance at this bill, Rep. Art Swann came up with a new bill, HB2408, which would allow the same thing except for just “underserved” cities. Meaning, if a city has a number of different providers currently serving the city, municipal broadband would not be allowed. Makes sense.

But one State Representative, Republican Glen Casada, continues to publicly blast the latest bill, HB2408. He believes that HB2408 would put “taxpayers on the hook” and would be a “losing venture” since it would force cities to raise taxes.

Only one problem…..

Even with (HB2408), Republican state Rep. Glen Casada remains somewhat opposed, though he hadn’t read the amendment when asked. – Memphis Daily News

Reading is over-rated anyway.