AT&T just can’t catch a break. When the FCC was considering whether to institute net neutrality rules in 2014-2015, AT&T whined constantly about how much their business would suffer under such rules. AT&T even threatened to stop expanding their 1 Gbps service, GigaPower, due to the “uncertainty” of their business with net neutrality rules possibly being implemented.

Then, in February of last year, net neutrality rules were implemented. AT&T hit the nail on the head with their predictions.

Since net neutrality went into effect, AT&T has:

  • Celebrated the fact that they finished atop the Progressive Policy Institute’s (PPI) list of U.S. Investment Heroes.
  • Spent more than $18 billion in the recent spectrum auction.
  • Purchased DirecTV for almost $50 billion.
  • Revealed that 2015 revenue grew 19% to $39.09 billion.

Poor guys. To add insult to injury, they had worse news given to them today.

AT&T led all pay-TV operators in average revenue per user at $111 per customer, according to a Wall Street Journal report that examined full-year earnings reports for cable, satellite and telco TV operators. – Wall Street Journal

When will it end for them?