FairPoint is arguably the one company that is on Comcast’s level for atrocious customer service and satisfaction. When their employees aren’t striking due to job cuts and minimum-wage pay (excluding executives who make quite a nice salary), FairPoint is busy telling customers that they really don’t want fast speeds and in some cases refusing to disclose the price of their fast broadband plans.

Over the last few years, FairPoint has gotten increased criticism from a number of different cities/states that are tired of the terrible service. One reason for the increased criticism stems from FairPoint pushing for significant deregulation of the telecom business in 2011 that FairPoint claimed would allow them to greatly expand their best broadband services.

Of course, the laws were passed and FairPoint did absolutely nothing new. FairPoint is still being fined for “accidentally” billing customers the wrong amounts (oddly, the incorrect amounts always make the bills increase) and still taking countless complaints from different cities with enraged FairPoint customers.


But recently, FairPoint decided that things were going to change. Let’s see what FairPoint has in mind:

  • “FairPoint eyes telecom deregulation as a path to move forward” – MaineBiz
  • “FairPoint Communications wants service standards dropped” – Washington Times

I see. So, no major upgrades….or service promises….basically, FairPoint is asking for the ability to complete screw over consumers, just in a legal way? Essentially, it would be better for FairPoint if all of their customers had nowhere to go when their service is out for weeks and FairPoint won’t do anything to fix it.