Over the last few months, Verizon has been trying to come to terms with union organizations that cover several states along the East Coast. At issue is Verizon wanting employees to accept significant cuts in pay, accept significant cuts in insurance benefits and to allow Verizon to fire more employees. This while Verizon continues receiving and spending record amounts of money every year.

Some employees are therefore calling for a strike.

Last week, Verizon decided to respond to these strike calls with their own blog post. In the post, Verizon did what you think Verizon would do….discuss how their proposal was really about how to “preserve good jobs” and claim that they really just want “common sense solutions”.

  • So, what about employees health care benefits? Verizon says they need “structural changes”.
  • So, what about Verizon’s already thin workforce? Verizon says they need the ability to fire even more “greater flexibility to manage and utilize its workforce to gain operating efficiencies and better customer experiences.”
  • So, what about employees yearly pay? Verizon says you all make too much.

Essentially, Verizon wants to slash pay, slash benefits and have even more power to fire whoever they want, for whatever reason. As I said above, the idea that Verizon could complain whatsoever about their finances to anyone is downright laughable. They have CEO’s making millions that do absolutely nothing.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 18.24.18

They have sky-rocketing revenues and profits.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 18.25.11

But yes, all of those minimum wage workers with already slim benefits? Yes, we need to cut them out.