Every few weeks, we hear from ISP’s, corporate funded lobbyists or corporate funded think tanks about just how fantastic the broadband is around this country. Why change everything with those pesky net neutrality rules?

Yet every day, newspapers around the country write story after story detailing the lack of broadband available to so many of their specific readers.

Today, we have yet another shockingly awful story of terrible broadband accessibility in New Carlisle, Ohio. Here, the police have run into a significant problem. Because their internet speeds are so slow, they are not able to upload any of their body-camera videos. As one City Administrator noted, it currently takes “days upon days” to upload one video feed.

When the Sheriff’s Office tried getting Time Warner Cable to upgrade their speed, they were told that the next highest package required a price increase of nearly 300% per month. Additionally, this next level of speed by TWC was the fastest that TWC offered in the area. Meaning, the speed increase was not significant…but the price increase sure was….and the Sheriff’s Office would likely be stuck in the same position as they are in currently.

Why not choose another provider? Because Time Warner Cable is the only wired provider in the area.

Not to worry though as the Sheriff’s Office has another idea. Instead of uploading the body camera at their office, one of the Sheriff officers can drive their video over to another city’s office to have it uploaded there. It would just mean that the city would be down one active police officer (since they would need to drive on the city’s time).

As the Dayton Daily News wrote:

But Bridge and others said they don’t like the idea of having one of their deputies stop patrolling city streets to download and transfer the footage. – DaytonDailyNews

Eh, safety of the city is over-rated. It isn’t like crime actually happens in this country.