Last month, Suddenlink reported fourth quarter revenues of $618.9 million, an increase of 4.5% compared to the fourth quarter of the previous year. Additionally, high-speed Internet revenue grew 17.1% in the fourth quarter 2015 versus the year-ago period, residential Internet customers grew 6.4% during the last twelve months and commercial revenue for the fourth quarter 2015 grew 9.2% versus the fourth quarter 2014.

What a fantastic report card for Suddenlink. So, what is their next move?

Suddenlink, which serves most of Pitt County, will begin adding a $1 fee for paper billing for all customers starting July 1, said Gene Regan, Suddenlink senior director of corporate communications. The company started using the $1 fee with new customers earlier in the year. “This fee covers the handling and postage costs associated with providing a paper statement,” Regan said.

It is 2016. The idea that Suddenlink suddenly needs to charge for mail costs, which they didn’t charge for in the past, is laughable. Bottom line is that Suddenlink is collecting additional revenue out of a select number of customers because they can do it. Why not try to pad their bottom line even more?

Example of a below-the-line fee

As StopTheCap notes, Suddenlink is the same company that forces customers in some cities to pay a company-mandated “broadcast station surcharge” that exceeds $8 a month. Want to cancel your phone service with Suddenlink? On top of other charges, expect an additional “Phone Termination Fee“….because again, why not? Did you purchase a modem from Suddenlink? If so, how about the $34.99 “setup fee” regardless of whether Suddenlink sets it up.