Several counties in Tennessee have found a way to make Comcast feel as if they were an actual Comcast customer. It is really is a great way to revel in Comcast’s angst.

According to the Times Free Press, in Franklin and Moore countries, Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (“EREMC”) is making Comcast pay additional money in order to allow Comcast to keep their lines attached to numerous poles across the counties. And Comcast is not happy about being asked to pay even more than they have in past years.

According to the vice president of public relations at Comcast, EREMC was refusing “to negotiate reasonable terms”,  “unwilling to compromise”, and charging “arbitrary pole rates that are nearly three times the national average”.


Essentially, EREMC is treating Comcast the way that Comcast treats its own customers….over-charging customers, providing little reason for the constant rate increases and bullying their way into more money.

  • Speaking of over-charging customers….didn’t Comcast settle a lawsuit in 2014 that they were over-charging Philadelphia customers to the tune of millions of dollars? Ever gone to Comcast’s own forums and see the thousands claiming to be over-charged on their own bills?
  • Speaking of providing little reason for constant rate increases….didn’t Comcast’s just catch public criticism in 2015 for yet again jacking up rates across the board with no speed increases or benefit to customers?
  • Speaking of being a bully…..wasn’t it just a few months ago that one site noted how Comcast was bullying their customers into signing 3-year contracts or else?

But maybe Comcast is right in their fight with EREMC…oh well, I don’t care. Here is to hoping EREMC boosts their rates as much as humanly possible in the future.