Congrats to Montague! A recent report by the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable stated that the town should use Comcast, rather than a smaller and local company, for their broadband expansion.

As expected, the excitement from Montague residents was undeniable.

  • Sighs and groans came from the audience during the presentation..”
  • “Many residents … expressed frustration.”
  • “Residents disputed the department’s findings..”
  • “(Residents) asked … why the state agency seems to be ignoring the community’s wishes to hire the company Matrix to provide broadband service for underserved homes in Montague.”
  • Not a single resident who spoke said they favored Comcast over Matrix.”

Cheer up, Montague residents. Now, you will be served by a company who forgets to make contractual payments to numerous cities and who actively fights to be the only cable/broadband provider in the area.


Best of all, Comcast installers have an excellent history of success. In the past, we have now seen Comcast installers leave in the middle of installing equipment, argue with consumers about basic installations, disconnect customers of other service providers and sexually assault potential customers.