When Comcast isn’t finishing dead last in just about every customer satisfaction survey, they are apparently trying hard to come up with the most insane, non-factual argument possible when discussing customer wants and needs.

I think Comcast has succeeded.

Just last week, yet another report came out showing how much cord-cutting continues to accelerate amongst Cable TV customers. This report came out just after Fortune wrote a story discussing how Cable TV bills have never been higher. Last month DSLReports noted that a recent survey for example found that 56% of consumers would ditch ESPN if it meant an $8 reduction in the cost of their cable TV package. A JD Power study out of Canada similarly found that customer satisfaction is highest when there is flexibility to “pick and pay” for television channels to add to their skinny program bundle at an “affordable price.”

So, one would think that Comcast would be preparing TV packages that involve less channels and less priced packages, right? Wrong.

At a Goldman Sachs investors conference this past week, the cable giant’s CEO suggested most customers want more channels, not fewer, and will pay accordingly. – CBS Philadelphia

In fact, Comcast went on to admit that they wanted to keep “adding features.” What features? Well, time will tell but I am sure such features will involve several new rates hikes and below-the-line fees….all without a single customer-friendly feature.