In 2013, Time Warner Cable (TWC) signed a 10-year license with South Berkshire for Cable TV service. After Charter Communications (Charter) completed its $79 million takeover of Time Warner Cable, the city license was then transferred to Charter.

So guess what Charter is doing? Hiking up the monthly price on local customers by as much as 50% OR MORE.

Even though Charter told city leaders that “there would be no changes” (per Berkshire Eagle) after the takeover from TWC, Charter is now requiring basic service subscribers to rent digital set-top boxes for $6.99 per TV. Considering how many current residents in the area pay $14 a month for the basic service (city leaders estimate it could be as much as 60%), this new requirement will see most of the elderly and others to have their bills increase dramatically.


Not to worry though as a Charter rep told the Berkshire Eagle that the moves “amount to a service upgrade.” Huh? Ever heard of an “upgrade” that most residents do not want?