When Gogo isn’t being sued for illegally cornering the inflight broadband market, they are being sued by airlines for offering rather atrocious inflight broadband service. In fact, Gogo is known to be so bad that they have been dubbed “Comcast at 35,000 ft” which is about as low a blow as possible.

Not to worry, Gogo will soon fix these issues…..sometime in the future. According to a recent WSJ article, Gogo is “planning to overhaul its network” but that it won’t be available at least “until 2018”. As the article mentions, Gogo is doing this because their stock is tanking and rival inflight services are beginning to appear with much faster speeds, such as ViaSat, Panasonic and Global Eagle Entertainment.


Although this sounds good for consumers, we have heard Gogo mention major upgrades in the past (2012, 2014, 2014, 2015)…..and they never occurred. Instead, minor upgrades were installed and customers continued seeing slow speeds for ridiculously high prices.

As Fast Company wrote in 2015, Gogo has jacked up the price of a cross-country flight pass that once cost $13 to now $27, even though the speeds of the service are the exact same, if not slower.