FairPoint has quite the lengthy history of being brought to task by state regulators for providing all-around atrocious service.

So the recent issue with FairPoint and Maine should not be that big of a surprise. Last week, Maine utility regulators recommended fining FairPoint $500,000 for missing landline service quality measures. According to Maine officials, FairPoint missed service quality benchmarks for the last seven quarters for the price-controlled phone service it’s required to provide in much of the state, called provider-of-last-resort service.

FairPoint is now asking Maine to allow it to “present evidence” as to why the fine should be rescinded. Although one would think that FairPoint would be preparing to put forward evidence showing that they DID meet the quality measures, FairPoint has another idea in mind….blame everyone else.

“FairPoint blamed, in part, a 131-day union strike and added that the quality metrics were unreasonable and unattainable.” – BangorDailyNews

As stated above, FairPoint continues to be called out by different cities/states for providing below-acceptable service. In Vermont, FairPoint was forced to pay a “significant number of retroactive customer bill credits for out-of-service repair delays” to settle a service quality investigation by the Vermont Department of Public Service.


In New Hampshire, FairPoint complaints got so high that state regulators were forced to schedule a hearing to ask FairPoint to reduce the amount of complaints.

“New Hampshire customers are continuing to suffer a series of service delays.One of those customers is Peterborough resident Bill Taylor, who said that his family did not have “any dial tone on the phone for five weeks.” Despite having his service restored, Taylor told WMUR that the reception is fuzzy and that he receives calls intended for other users.” – FierceTelecom

In New England, state regulators yet again got so angry with the significant amount of complaints by FairPoint customers that they asked the company to publicly explain why their service was so poor.

“By now, the complaints from (New England) FairPoint customers have become familiar. There’ve been billing errors. People and businesses have been unable to establish new telephone or Internet service – or to cancel it.” – VPR.net

Therefore, the idea that Maine is being too tough on FairPoint with hard benchmarks is laughable. FairPoint has been a complete disaster for Maine over the last several years by providing customers with incredibly slow speeds and little if any actual customer service. Simply look at the job FairPoint has done with clearing broken landlines.


Did I mention how much money FairPoint steals leeches from the federal government for supposed broadband expansion?